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35°BELOW® Thermal Socks Are Great For All This & More!

    • Working Out
      Working Out
    • Working Outdoors
      Working Outdoors
    • Hiking/Sking
      Just Chilling
    • Fishing
    • Hiking
    • Camping
    • Fishing
      Shoveling Snow
    • Hiking
      Walking The Dog
    • Camping
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Cushion and Comfort

35° Below® Thermal Socks originate from aerospace fabric technology Interweaving soft touch aluminized threads into thick, breathable, cozy socks. The aluminized threads reflect and distribute natural radiant heat to help maintain warmth, while the breathable fabric helps circulate the air to keep feet dry.


35°BELOW® Thermal Socks Keeps Your Feet Dry.

  • Cotton vs. Wool vs. 35° Below® Thermal Socks Socks
  • Cotton vs. Wool vs. 35° Below® Thermal Socks Socks
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35° Below® Thermal Socks in Grey & Black, Sizes Small/Medium in Grey, Large in Black and Extra Large in Black.

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